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Description of products, that should be created in a new project "finger recognition with ultrasound"

Similar to touch pad - called here "ultrasonic finger recognition chip":

s technique - this device will also be able to recognize, if the finger is really man's finger and living.

This device will contain two elements: a sensor plate, that can be of the size of 1-8cm in diameter and any desirable thickness and electronics. Electronics can be equipped with any interface, for example USB. The device can be surely made in the size, that can be implemented in a chip card.

The product in this version will contain a sensor plate, that will be not different, as the plate, that can be used in the end product, and the electronic, that can have a size of the small card (with PCI or USB connector).

For a large size production two further steps will be necessary: development of smaller, cheaper and higher integrated electronics, and the development of the machine for large scale production of sensor plate. The first step should be probably done by a specialized company, the second by me. Both electronics and the sensor plate can be made by hand in smaller quantities for higher price. Mass production should result in products, that are not more expensive, than capacitive chips (probably cheaper, because electronics can be significantly cheaper here). I assume, that it will be not a very large challenge to make a sensor plate and not costly to produce it.

In comparison to the capacitive chips, this device would have following advantages:

  • Very durable and not sensitive to any kind of influences;
  • Able to recognize real and living finger;
  • Much better contrast and resolution.
  • Larger size (touch pad size is easily achievable).
  • Price, that can be not higher (if produced in large amounts).

Scanner for whole hands and other large size objects

The idea is to build the device, that is especially suitable for scanning large size objects (for example whole hands). The technique, that is used here is different as those used in the first product, but it has advantages for larger objects.