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Generators and analyzers for power ultrasound

The opGen high-power ultrasound generators are innovative and technologically advanced. The opGen generators family in the power range from 100 to 2000W are designed for the more stringent requirements of high-performance ultrasonic applications. The sophisticated control system is based on the transducer impedance analysis and is done in real time. It always ensures the best working conditions depending on the physical status of the system. The generators transform energy from the electrical supply network into a high-frequency sinusoidal / rectangle / burst or sweep oscillation from 10kHz to 125kHz or 10-100kHz. Real time regulating processes generate optimum ultrasonic oscillations.

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  • opUGSA
  • opCW
  • opBurst
  • opWeld
  • Sonotrodes (horns) and HV transducers
  • opCav Cavitation meter


Power ultrasonic generator and analyzator


Continuous Wave Generator 1 MHz


Ultrasonic multichannel burst generator


Ultrasonic power generator

opHigh Power UT

Sonotrodes (horns) and power transducers


opCav - Ultrasonic cavitation meter

Ultrasonic supported drilling

Ultrasonic welding of aluminium

Ultrasonic welding of materials

Ultrasonic support of production process

Compression and homogenization

Thin-Walled Tubular Components

Ultrasonic industrial cleaning

Ultrasonic welding of foils and plastics

Ultrasonic power system for medical and food applications

Packaging Pressing