For our British partner, specialized in submarine installations we have created an innovative device, able to transmit information from measuring device to the remote receiver via pipe wall. The device uses sender, transmitting ultrasonic pulses, using special protocol and a receiver, that is able to show the information on a display or transmit it via USB to PC.

Technical parameter:


Amplification: 0-90dB
Sensitivity: 100uV
Attenuator: 40dB
Bandwidth: 30-40kHz
Resonance freqency of the receiving transducer: 40kHz

Battery: Li-ion 7.2V
Charging device: 9-12V DC

The device can work with automatic and manual regulation of amplification. Working time with fully loaded battery: 4 days.


AI Sender:

Special ultrasonic pulser in a hosing, having about 90mm diameter, able to withstand high pressure and heavy loads. 
Amplitude of generated pulse: 1500V, Internal battery 15V, 
Working time: 24 hours