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Optel Sp. z o.o. (Ltd) is an innovative company established in 1989. It employs a team of engineers, that is passionately following their goal to create new, innovative products. We specialize in ultrasonic technologies and after decades of gaining experience, we have become renown specialists in this area. In past years, we have been solving with good results technical problems of our customers. Our company is a member of the Polish Chamber of Commerce for High Technology and the European Association for Biometrics – Human Identity in Europe.

We have collected very comprehensive know-how in many areas of ultrasonic technology. We organized professional laboratory, electronic workshop (including stock of machine tools) and the large library with about 7000 scientific and technical books, mostly about ultrasound and acoustics.

Various researches led in our company are on the worldwide level. For past years, Optel has become trusted, an experienced and very effective expert on the field of ultrasound and biometrics. With its' professional and very creative contribution in creating new technologies, the company established its' current position as a reliable partner.

We exist continuously since 1989. We have been trusted by hundreds of institutes, companies and natural persons and during the process, most of them become our permanent partner's receivers and user of created products and solutions. Let our completed projects and provided solutions speak for us.