OPCAV is a portable ultrasonic cavitation meter. Is was designed to measure two ranges of band of the probe signal:

• band 20kHz – 50kHz for sonication signal level;
• band 400kHz – 1.2MHz for cavitation level.


Broadbands allow for a large variety of applications. The high selectivity with channels high gain (up to 61 dB) allows to work with a wide range of input signal. Lightweight, compact design and battery power make it to be portable, easy to use meter of the ultrasonic waves.

All the functions of the device are set or activated manually by the keypad. Only ultrasound probe is required for correct operation Before the first use, you must perform the calibration measurement. The measured values will be displayed relative to its results.
A rechargeable lithium-ion battery, charged via USB cable, powers OPCAV. The measurement results can be read by the USB interface (UART) with free software to operate the terminal. Greater ability to read and analyze the results of measurements gives a dedicated application "OPCAV" enabling the acquisition of up to 1000 measurements with a convenient presentation and the ability to load / save measurement results.

The idea of results representation in the device OPCAV is based on the percentage presentation of a difference between the current measurement value and calibration result, relative to the measurement range of the converter.


- Portable cavitation meter, battery powered, measuring probe included;
- Measuring method: measuring of the intensity of the acoustic emission arising as a result of the cavitation implosion;
- Simultaneous measurement of two channels - cavitation signal (HF) and the sonication signal (LF);
- Digital gain control of both of the channels;
- The ability to read the measurement results via a USB interface (UART);
- Calibration data download to non-volatile memory;
- Display 2x12 characters - two channels results are displayed at once;
- Charging battery by USB connector (USB cabel 2.0 A-B type);
- 3.7V rechargeable Li-ion battery;

Technical Data

Range of HF frequency 400kHz - 1200kHz
Range of LF frequency 20kHz - 50kHz
Input Voltage range 1mV - 300mV
ADC resolution 12bit
Measuring probe impedance 1kΩ-3kΩ (full range)
Measurement representation By percent, 1% resolution
Gain range 23dB-61dB
Dimenstions 147x88x26mm
Weight 193g
Operating time min. 20h
Power supply 5V, max. 420mA, USB