Power Management: ---

Pulse Repetition Frequency: up to 5000;

Peak Detector: - Level comparator only for Level mode, - Max value detection;

Analog Circuit: ---

Data transfer: Standard data transfer: each transferred measurement data must be confirmed (ACK).


Power Management:  - automatic power-up sequence with overload detection, - automatic trigger disable when power fails with logging,  - new Power status LED behavior;

Pulse Repetition Frequency: up to 10000;

Peak Detector:  - Level comparator available in modes: Level, Raising, Falling, Transition,  - Max value detection;

Analog Circuit:  - improved analog section (lower noise, better crosstalk attenuation), - improved pulser efficiency (higher PRF, lower power consumption)

Data transfer:  1. Data transferred by FIFO mode; The system allows to buffer many acquisitions in internal memory and forward whole packet of data to control application. Each acquisition forms data frame. The first 54 bytes form HEADER. Header consists of information about parameters of measurements, i.e.: sequence index, position of encoders during triggering, the hardware results of peak detectors (PD) and exceeding the signal level;

2. There is possibility to transfer full data frames with headers or to transfer headers only. Mode of acquisition without storing measurement data, but only HEADERs with results of Peak Detectors, Encodes Positions, sequence index etc., increases speed of working