OPKO-1/80 is particularly well suited for ultrasonic measurements as well as other kinds of measurements which employ mechanical scanning elements or multiplexed channels (the card is capable of controlling such devices). OPKO-1/80 is a short (8-bit) ISA card and can be installed in a standard PC computer. It can be also used as a simple scope card.

Technical data

A/D converter:
- Resolution: 8 bit
- Sampling frequency: 80MHz
Analog parameters:
- Input amplifier gain: x1 or x2
- Minimal sensitivity: 0.1mV/Div -1mVpp (with software amplification)
- Maximal sensitivity: 100mV/Div - 1Vpp
Averaging 1 - 256
Bandwidth: 0,1 - 25MHz
Input impedance: 50Ohm or 1M (jumper)
Trigger: internal (software), external, max 2 kHz
Delay time: Post trigger 256us, measurement accuracy better than 1ns
Pulser: Step pulser, 50V -300V in 8 levels (the voltage depends on the used transducer), 20ns edge falling time, separate, match box size
Data buffer: 256 or 512 bytes (software selected)


Technical description of the OPKO device