OPBOX 2.2 is a 2-channel ultrasonic testing device suitable for various ultrasonic measurements and also as a controller for more complicated system with help of additional digital inputs/outputs.
The device has two high voltage pulsers and switchable receiver which allow for Pulse-echo operation on both outputs and Through-transmission operation in both T-R directions (PE1->PE2 or PE2->PE1).
Opbox 2.2 can also work together with devices like multiplexers or scanners.
The FIFO storage allows to buffer many acquisitions in internal memory and forward whole packet of data to control application.
In this way, the high throughput of data reading from the device is obtained


-Low noise preamplifier (0.74 nV/√(Hz))
-High gain up to +89 dB
-Switchable analog filters
-Support fast TGC (time gain compensation)
-Onboard 2-channel HV pulser (up to 460V)
-Input attenuator (-20dB)
-Input Impedance 50 Ohm
-10 bit A/D Converter
-100MHz sampling frequency, 8bit samples
-Up to 512k x 16bit samples memory
-Delay settings up to 65535 sample periods
-Various triggering mode
-BNC or Lemo analog connectors
-I/O connector: 6 Inputs and 6 Outputs
-USB-2.0 High Speed (480Mbps)
-Powered from USB connector
-Compact dimensions
-Low weight: 380g


Technical Data

Analog parameters:

Input Amplifier Gain: -31dB to 65dB (step 0.5dB)
Switchable preamplifier: +24dB
Switchable Attenuator: -20dB
Input Range: ±275mV
(±2.0V with Attenuator -20dB)
Full Bandwidth:
Switchable Filters(-3dB): 0.8 MHz - 25 MHz, 0.5 - 6MHz, 0.5 - 10MHz, 0.5 - 15MHz, 0.5 - 25MHz, 1 - 6MHz, 1 - 10MHz, 1 - 15MHz,
1 - 25MHz, 2 - 6MHz, 2 - 10MHz, 2 - 15MHz, 2 - 25MHz, 4 - 6MHz, 4 - 10MHz, 4 - 15MHz, 4 - 25MHz

Technical Data - cont


Pulse Voltage: 0V to 460V (positive pulse)
Charging Time: 0 to 6.3us with 0.1us steps
Fall Time: <= 20 ns
Bandwidth: up to about 50MHz
Output impedance: < 1 Ohm

A/D data acquisition:

Resolution: 10 bit (8bits are stored)
ADC input range: ±0.5V;
Sampling Frequency(MHz): 100.0; 50.0; 33.3; 25.0; 20.0; 16.7; 14.3; 12.5; 11.1; 10.0; 9.1; 8.33; 7.7; 7.14 and 6.67
Data Buffer: 1 to 256k samples
Sampling Delay: 0 to 65535 sample periods
PRF: up to 100001).
Hardware data processing:
Data representation: RF, Absolute;
Measurements in defined gates: 3 peak detectors;
3 level comparators Signal detection: Level, Rising, Falling, Transition.

DAC (TGC) with arbitrary function generator:
Frequency: 100MHz
Resolution: 8 bit
Max. gain changing: 48dB pro step
Software command;
Programmable timer;
2 incremental encoder modules;2 TTL inputs
Counter modules for incremental encoders:
Two 32bit modules with CHA, CHB and IDX inputs;
Programmable input modes: 1X, 2X, 4X;
Programmable triggering on position;

Inputs / Outputs

Transducer connectors:

PE1(sending&receiving) BNC or Lemo
PE2(sending&receiving) BNC or Lemo

DB15 connector:
6 inputs for 2 Incremental encoder channels (A, B, Index signal) or general purpose lines;
6 general purpose outputs;
Trigger output signal (Sync Out);
+5V fused supply for powering external devices. 



We are delivering a standard version of the software (for any Microsoft Windows up to 10 x64 with Microsoft Hardware certification report Approved)  and for special needs: SDK with ready to use examples for  LabView, MATLAB x64, C++ wrapper for dll, Python and Linux., and also low-level description of how to control our devices directly from any USB tools