OPCARD 2.2 is a complete ultrasonic testing device, suitable for all ultrasonic measurements and due to many additional digital inputs/outputs and internal processor it can be used as a controller for more complicated devices.
The card can work together with devices like multiplexers or scanners.

Opcard 2.2 can work in sequence mode. It has the possibility to store up to 1024 sets of settings. So parameters can be switched very fast for every next data acquisition. The system allows to buffer many acquisitions in internal memory and forward a whole packet of data to control application. In this way, the high throughput of data reading from the device is obtained.
The card has an implemented one channel pulser & receiver and can be used with one or with two transducers (one is sending, and the second one receiving).


- Low noise preamplifier (0.74 nV/√(Hz))
- High gain up to +89 dB
- Switchable analog filters
- Support fast TGC (time gain compensation)
- 2 analog signal inputs PE and TT
- Input attenuator (-20dB)
- Input Impedance 50 Ohm, 10pF
- 10bit A/D Converter
- 100MHz sampling frequency, 8bit sample
- Up to 512k x 16bit samples memory
- Delay settings up to 65535 sample periods
- various triggering mode
- Data transfer speed - up to 132MB/s
- Expansion Connector for extra functions daughter-board
- interfaces (RS232, RS485, SPI, I2C)
- Standard PCI short card (174.63mm x 106.68mm)
- BNC or Lemo analog connectors
- DB15 connector for I/O and power lines
- weight: 175g

Technical Data

Analog parameters:
Input Amplifier Gain: -31dB to 65dB (step 1dB, error +/- 0.3dB)
Input Post-Amplifier: off or +24dB
Input Attenuator: off or -20dB
Input Range: +/- 275mV
(+/-2.5V with Attenuator active)
Full Bandwidth: 0.5 MHz - 25 MHz (-3dB) Switchable Filters(-3dB): 0.5 - 6MHz,0.5 - 10MHz, 0.5 - 15MHz, 0.5 - 25MHz, 1 - 6MHz, 1 - 10MHz, 1 - 15MHz, 1 - 25MHz, 2 - 6MHz, 2 - 10MHz, 2 - 15MHz, 2 - 25MHz, 4 - 6MHz, 4 - 10MHz, 4 - 15MHz, 4 - 25MHz

Pulse Voltage off(0V) to 360V (positive pulse, Short circuit step pulser)
Charging Time regulated from 0 to 3.1us in 0.1us steps
Fall Time <= 20 ns
Pulse Duration Short circuit, bandwidth up to about 50MHz
Output impedance < 1 Ohm




Technical Data


Data processing:
Resolution 10 bit (8bit stored)
Sampling Frequency(MHz) 100; 50; 33,3; 25; 20; 16,7; 14,3; 12,5,
11,1; 10; 9,1, 8,3; 7,7; 7,14 and 6,67
Data Buffer from 1 to 262088 (256k) samples in step of 4
Delay Time Post trigger from 0 to 65535 sample periods in step of 1
PRF up to 20 000 with multiplexers up to 100 000 
Hardware data processing: Absolute, RF
Hardware averaging
Hardware digital filtering

DAC (TGC) with arbitrary waveform generator:
Frequency: 100MHz
Resolution: 8 bit
Max. gain changing: 48dB pro step

On-board trigger timer;
Application trigger rate Software controlled;
External trigger 2x inputs, TTL Signal.
Trigger output signal, TTL Signal

Counters / Input for incremental encoder:
Counters for Incremental Encoders 2 channel, 32-bit

Inputs / Outputs

Transducer connectors:
PE (sending&receiving) BNC or Lemo  TT (receiving only) BNC or Lemo

DB15 connector:
6 inputs
including encoder and external trigger inputs;
6 outputs, including Trigger output signal (Sync Out).

+12V, -12V fused (polymer fuse) supply for powering external devices,

+5V or Vreg (0-10V) fused (polymer fuse) output for control/supply external device.

PCI Connector:
PCI rev2.2, 32bit, 33MHz, 132MB/s max transfer bandwidth
Universal connector for 3.3V or 5V PCI sockets.

Expansion connector:
2x10pin 2.54mm connector for special functions daughter-boards
+12V, -12V, +5V, +3.3V power pins;
I/O pins serial interfaces (3.3V signal levels): RS232, SPI, I2C and others;
Inputs for general purpose counters;
Interrupt input;
Analog input for A/D converter

 Standard software

The software (for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7.0/8.0/10.0 x86 x64) includes all necessary functions for ultrasonic measurements.

Measurement gates: 3 fully independent gates for amplitude and TOF measurements
Gate start: Variable over the entire displayed range
Gate width: Variable from Gate Start to end of displayed range
Gate height: Variable from 0 to 100% full-screen height
Alarms: Positive and Negative Threshold



OPCARD 2.2 PCI-bus Ultrasonic Card with Integrated Pulser and Receiver