The basic version of our pulser&receiver circuit have the size of a matchbox and integrated amplifier. It is powered directly from our oscilloscope card and enable the adjustment of the transmitter voltage directly from a PC. This device is intended for use with our OPKUD card or OPBOX.


Pulser: Step pulser, 50V -360V in 8 levels (the voltage depends on the used transducer), 20ns edge falling time, separate,

Amplifier: 40dB

Size: 40x85x25mm


Pulser circuit waveforms: The rising edge of the Trigger signal (described as Trig Inp) initiates the transducer charging process which takes about 3us. After this time a transistor switch which discharges the transducer is turned on (discharge time is about 20ns, but it can be longer, if the capacitance of the transducer is too large; the limit is reached, if the transducer is made from the standard ceramics, is 0.1 mm thick and has 8 mm


Because of the very low output impedance of the device (<1 Ohm) and short discharge time the pulse generated with thisdevice could be concerned as a real pulse answer for the most transducers. Transducers with a parallel matching inductance should not be used, since they do not allow the transducer to be pre-charged (the inductance causes a short-circuit).

Signal form