This generator was created as a part of a device for ultrasonic therapy.
It is designed in modular form and composed from following boards: control board, power generator board and radiator with screening function. All together in sandwich form.

Technical data

- Working frequency: 1 and 3 MHz
- Full digital frequency synthesis, integrated microcontroller.
- Maximal power output: 30W;
- Two switchable transducer outputs
- Impedanc matching for two frequency ultrasonic heads (1 and 3MHz) 1cm2, 4 - 5cm2 and 10 - 12cm2;
- Continuous power mode
- Burst mode with adjusable repetition rate of bursts between 10 and 150Hz; aith 10Hz Step.
- Step wise controlled ratio between pause and power: 5%, 10%, 20%, 25%, 50%, 100%; with 5% step.
- Power regulated between 5 and 100%;
- Analyser of impedance for controlling the contact between transducer and skin.
- Galvanic isolated output transformer, allowing to apply additional voltage to the electrodes of transducer.
- All parameters controlled via digial lines with 3,3 V standard.


Ultrasonic heads

Transducer, intended to work with the generator
Two resonance frequencies: 1 and 3 MHz
Active surface: 1cm2, 5cm2, 12cm2
Biocompatible housing