OPMUX-1500 was made for a large array system for ultrasonic inspection of spot welds. Different as other multiplexers, that we are offering it is able to send and receive with any channel (different channel can send and receive). Based on the experience, collected during the development of this multiplexer we are able to make devices with any amount of channels, if necessary. Together with the card OPCARD and ultrasonic probes it could be used as complete ultrasonic testing device (ie. for the measurement of a large amount of spot welds at once, for the use on the production line) Each channel has separate pulser&receiver.

Technical data

Channels:   1344*

Pulse amplitude range  100V*

Max cable length between computer and the box 5m

Connectors BNC:
Trigger input
Signal output

Connectors with transducer modules: each board is directly connected with 42 channels transducer array.

Din64  Control signals/Power supply

* - software selected

Features and Specifications

Pulser circuit waveforms: The rising edge of the Trig In signal initiates the transducer charging process which takes about 3us.