OPMUX-01/8 is particularly well suited for ultrasonic measurements as well as other kinds of measurements which needs many channels. Together with the card OPCON-01 and ultrasonic probes it could be used as complete ultrasonic testing device. Each channel has separate pulser&receiver.

Technical data

Channels: 8*

Pulse amplitude range 50-360V*

Max cable length between computer and the box  30m

Connectors BNC:
Transducers Trigger input
Signal output

Control signals/Power supply

* - software selected

Features and Specifications

Pulser circuit waveforms: The rising edge of the Trig In signal initiates the transducer charging process which takes about 3us. After this time a transistor switch which discharges the transducer is turned on (discharge time is about 20ns, but it can be longer, if the capacitance of the transducer is to large; the limit is reached, if the transducer is made from the standard ceramics, is 0.1 mm thick and has 8 mm diameter).
Because of the very low output impedance of the device (<1 Ohm) and short discharge time the pulse generated with this
device could be concerned as a real pulse answer for the most transducers.