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Ultrasonic laboratory scanner OPSCAN

During many years of our activity in ultrasonic field many laboratory ultrasonic scanners was created, both for our internal use and for customers.
They are using different linear and rotary axes, but are always controlled by our step motor controllers (they are especially good from the point of view of electrical noise, but have also special functions, that are necessary here).

In all scanners we are using our ultrasonic electronics (mainly our ultrasonic cards), and software, that was especially made for this scanners.

All such devices are made according to the wishes of our customers. Their prices depend on size, quantity of axes, etc. If you are interested - please ask - we will prepare an offer.

Each scanner contains following elements:

- Mechanics for positioning ultrasonic transducers in required position.
- Water containment (in the case, if measurements in water are made - this is mostly the case).
- Ultrasonic sender and receiver, eventually additional amplifier. In typical cases our ultrasonic card is fully enough.
- Step motor controller. In an ultrasonic scanner, that is used for measuring purposes it is necessary to use special controllers, because classic ones are producing too large amount of electrical noise and do not offer all necessary functions. Our controllers re based on many years of experience in ultrasonic measurements and are fully suitable for this purpose.
- Software, that controls the scanner motion, records the measured signals and visualize the results.

Above photography is showing an example of ultrasonic laboratory scanner, made by Optel
Technical data of above scanner (should be treated as example):

Measurement range: 300x400x300mm
Resolution: 0.01 - 0.5 mm
Data acquisition: RF, continuous measurement or stepwise

Technical description of the OPSCAN device