OPSCAN 4.0 is a device which measures the distribution of ultrasonic field by precisely led measuring head. Elimination of harmful vibrations from the system allowed to obtain a high quality of measuring and measuring by high frequency of ultrasound is possible.

The scanner contains the following items:

• Two powered by stepper motors horizontal measuring axis with limit switches;
• The vertical adjusting axis - manual or automatic one¹);
• Ultrasonic transducer position control with stepper motor drivers;
• Measurement electronics;
• Water containment;
• Control Software with varied data process functions (SAFT and TGC(DAC));
• Three probe holders
• Joystick for manual scanning
• Water cointainment
• In the standard version the work in the mode transmit and receive with the same (PE) or another transducer (TT) is possible. It is possible to use an additional multiplexer and work with multiple probes.



- Body and drive of scanner are designed in a way to remove any vibrations that might affect the ultrasonic measurement; elastic belts and grinded precise rails, stepper motors with high gear ratio and microsteps are used,
- Control electronics was designed to achieving low distortion and ability to generate trigger pulses,
- High speed, high accuracy and resolution are characteristic features of the OPSCAN 4.0.
- A wide range of measuring ultrasonic probes is available,
- Two axes drive controller has ability to connect two encoders. The controling of third axis is an opion,
- The system has the option of manual positioning of the measuring probe,
- The measuring electronics is equipped with an ultrasonic sender / receiver, ultrasonic measurement card OPCARD 2.0 operating at up to 100MHz, providing data transfer up to 132MB/s, and defined measuring gates,
- Triggering of measurement is done in hardware determined positions along the whole axis, there are possibility continuous and start-stop work modes,
- Software supports Windows XP/Vista/7.0,
- Data processing: real-time, Absolute, Peak-detector,
- Visualizations: A-scan, B-scan, C-scan (2D and 3D), - Dimensions of the scanner can be changed to meet customer requirements,
- Body design allows to insert the scanner to a larger water containment.

Technical Data:

- Axes range (standard version): 210mm x 210mm;
- Internal water containment dimensions: max. 320mm x 320mm x 250mm;
- Resolution (max.): 0,00339mm* hardware 0.01mm software;
- Interface: RS232;
- Power supply: 230V/1A;

Standard accessories:

- Transducers:
2 x 10MHz focus 28mm;
2 x 5MHz focus 28mm;
2 x 10MHz flat;

- Probe holders:
1 x straight for one transducer;
1 x for one transducer with regulated angle;
1 x double with regulated angle;




- Measurement results: