OPUT 3.7 serves to independent control DC motors equipped with encoders and limit switches.



Power supply:

-Supply Voltage: 230V AC /2A

Size (LxWxD):
-340x295x140 [mm] 13.4x11.6x5.5 [inch]

- USB: 1.1 - 2.0

- numbers of motors to be operated 7
- 1 trigger TTL/BNC

Power supply of DC motor 10 - 24V, max 6A rotational speed control
Short circuit protection
Support for encoder at DC axis division max 254

Emergency Switch

General Description:

The Device supports independent controlling up to seven DC motors. Trigger signal can be produced by any DC motor channel. All of channels are limit switches sensitive. Control by simply orders is providing by USB connector with PC.

Optionally, it is possible to make hardware versions for the special needs of the user.