The measuring box of the size 300x150x200 mm, made from stainless steel contains following electronic elements (Fig. 1):

• Ultrasonic card OPKUD 01/100 modified for this system;
• WDMS Interface - special interface, providing connection between OPKUD card and RS485 Interface, containing microcontroler for signal analysis;
• RS 485 Interface KSR-01L;
• Sender/Receiver NAD_200 for 200kHz water depth measurement transducers (produces short bursts with about 350Vp-p, with integrated switch and 33dB receiving amplifier);
• Pulser&Receiver for reference channel (3MHz) - generates short pulses.
• Power supplyConverter RS232/RS485 for the connection between the system and computer

Technical data

Measurement depth:
10cm - 6m
 Accuracy: ± 5mm (long distance) 0.1mm (short distance)
With reference channel for compensation of temperature and water quality changes
 Interface: RS232/RS485
 A/D converter:
   - Resolution: 8 bits
   - Sampling frequency: 25 or 50MHz1
 Analog parameters:
   - Input amplifier gain: 0dB - 40dB
   - Sensitivity: 50mV - 0.5Vpp
   - Bandwidth: 0,1 - 25MHz
   - Input impedance: 50W, 10pF
 Delay time: Post trigger 256us, measurement accuracy better than 1ns
 Data buffer: 2K,4K,8K or 16K1
 Input attenuator: 10dB1

1- software selected

Characteristic of the system

This system can be used as precise sonar or for many other purposes, where autonomic ultrasonic measurements are necessary. Special versions of this device can be made. Many of such devices can be connected to the network (using RS485 interface).

Software Package

The software included can analyze automatically reflected signals, measure the time of flight and compensate environmental changes.

Optional it is possible to make software versions for the special needs of the user.


Data sheet WDSM