OPCARD 2.0 is a complete ultrasonic testing device, suitable for all ultrasonic measurements and due to many additional digital inputs/outputs and internal processor it can be used as a controller for more complicated devices.

The card can work together with following devices:

· 32 channel multiplexer - the card can control it directly;
· Scanner - it has input for incremental encoders;

The card has an implemented one channel pulser & receiver and can be used with one transducer or with two (one is sending, and the second one receiving).



- Low noise preamplifier (0.74 nV/√(Hz))
- High gain up to +92 dB
- Switchable analog filters
- Support fast TGC (time gain compensation)
- 2 signal inputs PE and TT
- Input attenuator (-20dB)
- Input Impedance 50 Ohm, 10pF
- 100MHz sampling frequency, 10bit resolution
- Up to 512k x 16bit samples memory
- Delay settings up to 65535 sample periods
- various triggering mode
- Data transfer speed - up to 132MB/s
- Expansion Connector for extra functions daughter-board
- Interfaces (RS232, RS485, SPI, I2C)
- Standard PCI short card (174.63mm x 106.68mm)
- BNC or Lemo analog connectors
- DB15 connector for I/O and power lines
- Weight: 172.5g

Technical Data:

Analog parameters:
Input Amplifier Gain: -28dB to 68dB (step 1dB, error ±0.3dB)
Input Post-Amplifier: off or +24dB
Input Attenuator: off or -20dB
Input Range: ±275mV (±2.5V with Attenuator active)
Full Bandwidth: 0.5 MHz - 25 MHz (-3dB)
Switchable Filters(-3dB): 0.5 - 6MHz, 0.5 - 10MHz, 0.5 - 15MHz, 0.5 - 25MHz, 1 - 6MHz, 1 - 10MHz, 1 - 15MHz, 1 - 25MHz, 2 - 6MHz, 2 - 10MHz, 2 - 15MHz, 2 - 25MHz, 4 - 6MHz, 4 - 10MHz, 4 - 15MHz, 4 - 25MHz

Technical Data - cont:

Pulse Voltage: off(0V) to 360V (positive pulse, Short circuit step pulser)
Charging Time: regulated from 0 to 3.1us in 0.1us steps
Fall Time: <= 20 ns
Pulse Duration: Short circuit, bandwidth up to about 50MHz
Output impedance: < 1Ω
A/D data acquisition: Resolution 10 bit
Sampling Frequency(MHz): 100; 50; 33,3; 25; 20; 16,7; 14,3; 12,5,
11,1; 10; 9,1, 8,3; 7,7; 7,14 and 6,67
Data Buffer: from 1 to 262143 (256k) samples in step of 1
Delay Time: Post trigger from 0 to 65535 sample periods in step of 1

Hardware data processing:
Hardware Positive¹), Negative¹), Absolute data processing;
3 x measure gate;
Peak detector;
Hardware averaging.

DAC (TGC) with arbitrary waveform generator:
Frequency: 100MHz
Resolution: 8 bi
Max. gain changing: 48dB pro step
On-board trigger timer;
Application trigger rate Software controlled;
External trigger 2x inputs, TTL Signal.

Counters / Input for incremental encoder:
Counters for Incremental Encoders 2 channel, 16-bit

Inputs / Outputs:

2 x BNC or Lemo connectors

DB15 connector:
Inputs: 2 inputs for Incremental encode 2 general purpose digital lines;

Trigger output signal (Sync Out);
3 general purpose output;
2 fast output buffers for clock synchronization.¹)

+12V, -12V fused supply for powering external devices;
+5V or Vreg (0-9V) output for control/supply external device.

PCI Connector:
PCI rev2.2, 32bit, 33MHz, 132MB/s max transfer bandwidth;
Universal connector for 3.3V or 5V PCI sockets.

Expansion connector:
2x10pin 2.54mm connector for special functions daughter-boards +12V, -12V, +5V, +3.3V power pins;
I/O pins serial interfaces (3.3V signal levels): RS232, SPI, I2C and others;
Inputs for general purpose counters;
Interrupt input;
Analog input for A/D converter.

¹)available in selected designs.