OPMC 1.0 is a complete 2-axis motion controller, which allows direct control of two stepper motors. Advanced features allow precise control and fully automatic execution of precise movements of the two axes independently. Key features:
• Compact design - two independent axes with integrated power supply
in one housing;
• Control by sending simple commands via an isolated RS232 interface;
• Automatic execution sequence of acceleration and braking motors;
• Microstep control provides high resolution and smoother movement also helps to reduce power losses, vibration and noise caused by the engines;
• It has ability to set up all of the control parameters (range of motion, speed, acceleration, braking, current rating, holding engines and others)


- Driver OPMC-1.0 is a modern Motion controller, which allows precise control of two stepper motors without to need for
additional generating control signals, I / O cards or other intermediate devices.
- Motor control is taken via RS232 interface. A specially designed transfer protocol provides a compact and fast communication with the confirmation and validation of data.
- Each of the both axes of controller can handle incremental encoder and one or two limit switches.
- The controller is adapted to control a wide range of bipolar stepper motors.
- The controller uses microstep control (division 1 / 8) and power supply of the built-in 30VDC power adapter, using a PWM
to improve performance at higher speeds of rotation.
- The basic control parameters such as currents and rated voltages of coils, the frequency of the PWM holding current may be adapted to specific application for each axis independently.
- The controller executes movements with predefined speed and given parameters of acceleration and deceleration. After stopping it goes automatically into an idle state holding the carriage position with lower current.
- It has advanced optimised for handling linear biaxial scanners features: precision reset at limit switches, software limit range of motion,
different sets of motion parameters (e.g. Other for measurement Motion another for positioning one), automatic reset gear clearance, hardware trigger signal generation (e.g., measurement and acquisition) with the programmed division.
- Cortex M3 technology.

On special order:

- driver can also be used to control DC motors.
- can be implemented additional manual control by joystick.

Technical data:

Outside dimensions 170x120x70mm
Power supply 230V/1A
Remote control interface: RS232, baud rate: 115200, isolated
Movement parameters:
- speed 1...10000 microsteps/sek
- accelerating, braking 1...40000 microsteps/sek²
- position counter: 16- or 32-bit, to 4294967296 steps
Motor driver parameters:
- microstep mode Division: 1/8 of step
- motor current 100mA to 2A / phase (smoothly adjusted)
- motor power supply Embedded power supplier 30VDC 1A
- PWM frequency 10 to 40kHz (default 20kHz)