This scanner can be made in different versions, and adapted to the needs of the customer. Two versions was already made: one uses elastic membrane and focused transducer and is intended for spot weld measurement, the second one has much smaller diameter and was made for soft palate measurements.

The system contains following elements:
- Pulser&Receiver (OPGUD);
- UT-card (OPKUD01/100);
- Linear Scanner
- Software package.

Technical data

A/D converter:
- Resolution: 8 bit
- Sampling frequency: 50 or 100MHz 1
Analog parameters:
- Input channels: 2 (switched): send & receive and receive
- Input amplifier gain: 0dB, 6dB, 14dB, 20dB, 26dB, 34dB, 40dB (hardware amplifier on the card)1 additional 33dB in echo mode (amplifier in the pulser & receiver box)total possible gain: 110dB (with software amplification)
- Input attenuator 10dB1
- Minimal sensitivity: 0.1mV/Div -1mVpp (with software amplification)
- Maximal sensitivity: 50mV/Div - 0.5Vpp
Averaging 1 - 256
Bandwidth: 0,1 - 25MHz
Input impedance: 50Ohm, 10pF
Trigger: internal (software), external, max 2 kHz
Delay time: Post trigger 256us, measurement accuracy better than 1ns
Pulser: Step pulser, 50V -300V in 8 levels (the voltage depends on the used transducer), 20ns edge falling time, separate, match box size
Data buffer: 256, 512, 1K or 16K1

Software Package:

The software allows to make A and B scans with or without RF visualization, allows to use different filters etc. Optional it is possible to make software versions for the special needs of the user.