The device allows to measure contact less vibration or distance on 4 independent channels in two modes:

- In any possible sequence;
- All channels at once;

Technical data

The devices sends short ultrasonic pulses with large repetition frequency and measures the time of flight of each pulse, that was reflected by the vibrating or moving surface. Changing distance causes, that the time of flight of each pulse changes and this change is measured by the device.
Trigger: internal or external
Channels: 4
Pulse repetition frequency: maximum: 22kHz. 
(it depends on the distance and sound velocity - the system must wait, until the reflected pulse is registered, before it sends a new pulse) 
Resolution of distance measurement: better than 1micrometer with air transducer
Maximum vibration amplitude: 1mm or 200 micrometer.
Connection with PC: RS232

System description

The result of the distance measurement is also available as DC voltage with the range +/- 10V for +/- 0.5 distance changes. It is possible to change this ratio. This allows to output vibration in analogue form.
Housing has the size of a standard laptop.
Power supply: 220V.