Since the system has its own microprocessor and memory chips, it is possible to provide a program realizing various additional functions.

1. Connection to a PC via RS232 (2400bd speed, 8-bit, 1bit start, 1 stop, no parity);
2. Programming using simple commands;
3. Power supply 5V / 1A and 35V / 2.5A;
4. Controlls 2-phase stepper motors, bipolar, maximum operating frequency 65,535 Hz;
5. Ability to work in micro-step mode (up to 1/8 step);
6. Programmable range: max 16777215 steps;
7. Opportunity to work with two limit switches;

Can be used with optical encoders of the reference position, and perform the following functions:

a) location detection using a 24-bit counter (the value may be interrogated at any time);
b) generation of a series of triggering pulses along the specified shift axis, with programmable frequency (function independent of the computer). The actual distance between the trigger signals is dependent on used encoders, it can be much smaller than the value resulting from the step motor.



On request, we can make a version that controls multiple axes and is capable of driving any trajectories in space, display the current position in the space (in collaboration with encoders) and triggering measurement on predetermined positions of the trajectory.