The interface is equipped with an IEEE-488, RS232, and three 8-bit general purpose parallel ports. The device operates in both modes Listener and Talker as well, the interface address is set by the microswitch and can be changed programmatically. It is possible to use almost all the features of a standard IEEE-488 (except for Serial and Parallel Pool). parameters of standard serial RS-232C are software configurable via IEEE-488.88. The interface performs data transfer between all kinds of connectors, the system reacts by interrupt events on the system bus, which signals with signals of parallel ports are led to indirect connector Cannon-64. In addition, it is equipped with a trigger generator (TTL level) with programmable frequency and the possibility of program-controlled switching on an external trigger. Since the system has its own microprocessor and memory chips, it is possible to provide a program realizing various additional functions.
Schema der Außenanschlüße des OPIEEE488-LM
External connection diagram